Johnny Ray Richland


Richland Roadster Motorcycle Trikes

 Get the freedom to ride NOW with a Richland Roadster Trike - the complete package, a road-ready motorcycle with a custom installed Richland Roadster Motorcycle Conversion Kit.     
The  added safety and utility of each two-wheeler is delivered via the deluxe hand crafted RICHLAND ROADSTER Trike Conversion Kit with modern styling.  It comes complete with a confidence-inspiring relaxed ride and so many impressive standard features.  You'll find yourself riding so much more often, no doubt, and taking longer road trips too, because you'll use much less of your physical energy.     
This smooth ride is a result of  incorporating SIDE CAR technology into the RICHLAND ROADSTER suspension... which means each side is independent, as if you had left side and right side mounted side cars... and if you run up on a curb or uneven pavement all wheels will remain on the ground.  Patented High Performance Energy Suppression Bushings in conjunction with forward mounted torsion bars help provide the road flattening flex you need to achieve this kind of smooth responsive experience.     
The RICHLAND ROADSTER Trike Conversion Kit comes standard with 15 inch 40,000 mile automotive tires and custom 5 spoke polished aluminum wheels.  It also comes complete with a lighting system that features LED lights, resulting in greater visibility and safety on the road.  Running Boards too...  makes it very safe and easy for getting on and off the bike.    Our motorcycle inventory changes regularly, so your dream ride awaits.  See detailed information on our featured trikes by clicking on one.    
‚Äč Don't see what you are looking for?  Call Johnny Ray now at 352-567-1985.  You'll probably be able to get a "HEADS UP" on what is coming in within the next couple of weeks. 

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