" Hey Johnny Ray!  I just wanted to drop you a line about how great the trike kit is working out! I've answered as many questions as I could about it and referred any other questions directly to you.   I've actually been requested to pull over by other riders so they could check it out closer. No negative remarks made and many positives about this being able to prolong a rider’s ability to keep riding.   One thing I did do to my bike was to add handlebar risers to give me a little more leverage in the handlebars on tight turns. I had planned on this before the conversion to help me sit back in the seat & give me a more comfortable riding position.  Thanks again, you’re a great man to deal with. Feel free to give out my number for any more testimonials a prospective rider might need."

Tom Malia          Clearwater, Florida

"Hello Johnny Ray, Art, & Steve... 

After a little sweat and tears, I finally finished installing my trike kit yesterday and I want to thank you guys for helping me along the way.   I'll make sure I'll spread the word about the Richland Trike Kits here in Virginia.

I've sent a few pics of my trike for you all to pick from to add to the Richland picture gallery.  I believe there are no Valkyries in the gallery yet.

Again thank you guys for everything and we'll stay in touch."

Melvin Williams

Blackstone, Virginia


Get a ​Honda Trike today! 

Peter Covell, Largo, Florida