2010 Victory Cross Country

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I have a 2010 Victory Cross Country. 

During week of 09/07/2015, Johnny and his very talent

crew installed a trike kit on my Victory.  They did a fantastic job

of building kit, installing, and especially matching the color of

my Victory, dark cherry.  The paint looks as if it came from the

factory.  If at all possible, I would recommend taking your

motorcycle to have the kit installed.  Having the motorcycle

there, makes it a lot easier for the crew to match the color. 

If not able to go there, try and send a painted part from

your motorcycle.  Johnny says they can do a good job from a

picture with color match.  I believe it would be better than good

for the match from a picture but still not same as having

motorcycle there.  Prior to taking my motorcycle to Johnny's,

by telephone I asked Johnny several questions about the kit and how it works.  He was very helpful and informative.  If you look some place else, be sure and work up the total cost of what you want done to compare with the cost at Johnny's.  I did and before I had everything added, said forget other company and went with Johnny's.  Since getting back, I have had three days to ride and I have put about 150 miles on trike.  I am very pleased with the handling and ride.  Still learning how to completely handle a trike.  If you are in the Middle Tennessee area, I would be willing to meet and let you see the work done by Johnny and his crew.  Thanks again for the great work!

Fred Anderson

motorcycle trike conversion kit!

We can install a Richland Roadster Trike Kit on your bagger, touring or cruising Victory motrocycle and make it a whole new dream ride.


Johnny Ray Richland



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