Next... Lay it all out on the floor so you can see how it should go together. It won't look so complicated and it will all start coming together in your mind.

​     Now you are ready to put your cap on backwards and get started. Install the front cross bar first using the two provided U bolts, washers and lock nuts. This will be the beginning point, darn close to under your front foot controls.

This next step is probably the most important.  Your motorcycle will need to be perfectly level at this point so you can finish level and ride level. This is accomplished by using wood blocks and wood shims under the newly mounted front brace until the bike is fully straight and level.  A 6 inch magnetic torpedo level placed on the rear disc brake should give you an accurate reading. This would be a good time to pat yourself on the back, get a cold drink, and admire your handy work for a few minutes.

     Install the center cross bar in the area where the center stand would be.  If a center stand is already there you will need to remove it.  Make sure your kick stand is up also, because you won't be able to raise it after the RICHLAND ROADSTER kit is installed and you'll be aggravated as you disassemble the kit to resolve that issue. 

     I like to start with the left frame rail. It attaches with the bushings as shown in the illustration. I personally like to keep the lock nuts on top so I will always be able to see them and notice if they fail or get loose. Don't tighten it down just yet. Install the right frame rail the same.

          Measure now to assure everything is mounted square. The cross bars should be square and equal distances from each side of the motorcycle. The frame rails should be square with the rear tire. Be aware sometimes shims are necessary because motorcycle frames are not always equal heights one side to the other... or are on occasion offset a shade to one side. When you are confident everything is square, level, and in line tighten down the frame rails an equal amount on each bolt. The final measurement should be between 11 1/8 and 11 5/8 from the center of the axle to the ground and equal to the ground on both sides.  Put on the rear cross bar.  Check to see that the hubs are level.  This is done by putting the small level, up and down, against two of the threaded mounted studs on the hub.  NEVER MAKE LEVELING ADJUSTMENTS WITH THE TIRES AND RIMS INSTALLED.  This is because if the tires are on the ground it will hinder the leveling and adjusting process.   Call us if you are having any issues and we can talk you through it.

​     Put on the wiring harness at this point. It's the best time because the tires and fenders will not be there to hinder your progress. It's important to keep all wires clear of the tires. Install the tires and the rear cross bar. NEVER DRIVE YOUR UNIT WITHOUT THE REAR CROSS BAR.  Take a preliminary test drive now. If there are any adjustments to be made it will be most evident without the fenders.

    Install the fenders and rear light bar and the turn signal lights. You now have a Motorcycle work of art. Don't head off to Alaska just yet. Short trips should be first on your list to work out any bugs. EXPECT BUGS!!!  Keep extra fuses with you. If you have a fuse blow, unplug your Richland Roadster lights, replace the fuse, and you'll be able to get back home. Always keep a trickle charger on your Motorcycle because a hot battery is important with the extra light.

    These are very simplified instructions. A volume could be written if we were to cover everything that might occur.  Remember this is a KIT, which means alteration and modifications may be needed to fit your exact application, so you will need at least basic mechanical skills, common sense, and a lot of patience.

The important part is we are as close as your phone. Thanks!!!


     On the shipping page we went over this, but it does bare repeating.  Keep in mind it is incumbent on you to make sure the crate is delivered in pristine condition and not damaged.  

     Sometimes the trucking companies hire nearsighted forklift drivers and sometimes, like Zoro, will run the forklift right through your crate effectively killing your trike kit. 

     It's important you make a note of any damage on your shipping ticket to be able to hold the trucking company accountable.  We of course, cannot be responsible for shipping damage.

Take an inventory to make sure all the stuff arrived.  You should have the following:

2    15 inch polished aluminum rims.
2    15 inch low profile tires, mounted on the rims.
10   Chrome lug nuts.
2     Chrome center caps for the rims.
1     Wiring harness with wire ties.
5     Blue Scotch Locks
2     Fenders
2     Red L.E.D. light assemblies, installed in the fenders.
2     White L.E.D. light assemblies, installed in the fenders.
2     Amber turn signal lights mounted in the mud flaps.
1     Rear cross bar and LED mounted light, with or without  hitch assembly as ordered.
4     U Bolts with lock nuts and washers to attach Front and Mid Mounted torsion bars.

2     32 or 34 inch Cross Torsion Bars to connect to the frame rails of the motorcycle.

2     Frame rails (left & right) with spindles and hubs assembled.            

8     Energy Suspension performance Polyurethane End Link Bushings (RED)
8     3/8 inch 2 ½ inch Bolts, Washer, and Lock Nut assemblies for attaching frame rails, left & right.
2     5/8 inch by 2 inch Large Bolts, Flat Washers, Lock Washers, for attaching rear cross bar.
12 ¼ inch x 1 inch bolts with flat washers, lock washers and nut assemblies for attaching fenders.
1     Shim pack....  with shims and hardware that is to be used only as needed.

Welcome to the assembly page.  If you want to stop reading this page now, I have fantastic news for you.  You can bring your bike to our shop in Dade City, Florida and we will install your kit for you for only $500.  That's very warm and fuzzy.  And you can stop reading this now.

Motorcycle Trike Conversion Kit 

Installation Instructions

Help is just a phone call away.  

407-417-8928     Lane Richland, Chief Engineer