Install the Richland Roadster yourself

"Received your kit last week, it took my friend and I about four hours to put it on my Road King.  Have been getting compliments on it every time I go out.  I am really proud of how it looks and operates.  Thank You so very much.  I will for sure be telling others about this kit. Once again thank you."

Terry Carroll - Milliken, Colorado

  • No special tools or equipment required.

  • Think like a carpenter - straight, true, even and level.

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Johnny Ray Richland   


‚ÄčKit installation is easy...

Detailed instructions are included in the crate with your handcrafted kit.  

1.   Inventory the parts you received using the instructions enclosed in the crate.

2.   Lay it all out on the floor so you can see how it should go together. It won't look so complicated and it will all start coming together in your mind.

3.   Install the front cross bar using provided bolts, washers, and nuts.

4.   Make your motorcycle straight and level using wood blocks and wood shims. 

5.   Remove the center stand and install the center cross bar.

6.   Attach the frame rail(s), left and a right side, using provided bolts, washers and nuts.

7.   Make sure everything is square.

8.   Install rear cross bar using provided bolts, washers and nuts.

9.   Make sure everything is level.

10.  Connect the wiring harness pigtail wires to your motorcycle.  Match the wires for ground, running lights, turn signals, and brake lights using the wiring instructions provided.

11.  Install the fenders using provided bolts, washers and nuts.

12.  Install the tire(s), which come on the rim(s), using the provided lug nuts and chrome caps.

12.  Install the rear light bar using provided bolts, washers, and nuts.

13.  Enjoy getting your