The Richland Roadster Motorcycle Trike Conversion Kit offers more than a smooth ride and stylish good looks.  It’s the added safety that makes Richland Roadster America’s best and most affordable handcrafted trike.  It offers

  1. greater visibility
  2. energy absorption design
  3. enhanced stability
  4. protection for your lower extremities
What if your feet slip off the pegs?  Putting your feet down can almost be a reflex move. Not to worry as the Richland Roadster comes standard with running boards.  Firmly have your feet planted on the rubber-lined boards, which are securely mounted to the kit, and avoid running over your feet, ankles, and legs.  Having the running boards will also allow you to brace should you see that rear-end collision coming.  ​​

The Richland Roadster comes standard with a LED package with front and rear running lights.

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Our customer, Cowboy, found out first-hand what happens in a rear-end collision.  He was stopped at a traffic light and took a 30 mph direct hit from behind.  He managed to stay on the seat and his kit took a beating, however he and the bike are doing just fine.

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Energy Absorbtion

Trike On America’s innovative design allows the Richland Roadster to absorb impact from the rear or side.   Think about the difference of dropping a brick or a sponge on your foot.  The design difference is in the Richland Roadster’s ability to be flexible and give.  In doing so the kinetic energy is diffused and it minimizes the force of an accident by moving with its impact.

The Richland Roadster is constructed with heavy duty steel.  In the event of an accident, the Richland Roadster crossbars and tail end are designed to shift with the accident.  The sturdy and durable bolts connecting the Richland Roadster Trike Kit to your motorcycle allow approximately 8 inches of rear crumple zone space.  Crash energy is also dissipated through the front and center cross member connections.


Did I mention that if you run up on a curb or make a turn all your wheels stay on the ground.  The Richland Roadster’s innovative independent suspension adds greater stability to the trike kit compared to others on the market.

Being seen is very, very important and they’ll sure see you coming in a Richland Roadster.  It includes an impressive LED lighting package at no extra charge.  When your bike is turned on the Richland Roadster kit has tons of running lights. 

The 6-inch white lights on the front of the Richland Roadster give you added visibility to avert a head on collision.  The back of the kit sports a 16 inch LED running light bar.  There are 6-inch independent turn and brake signals which also act as running lights.  And there’s the added bonus of running lights in the mud flaps. 

Plant your feet safely and securely on Richland Roadster's running boards.

Johnny Ray Richland


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Lower Extremity Protection