Here at Trike On USA we know sometimes STUFF HAPPENS! Before you started looking into a TRIKE CONVERSION, you may have laid your bike down, causing some bumps and bruises on your baby. And we all know that little cracks can become big ones if left to the elements. That is why we offer IN HOUSE REPAIRS for your minor dents, dings and cracks. So, if you are bringing your bike in for a professional RICHLAND ROADSTER INSTALLATION, it’s as good a time as ever to have our qualified and experienced staff repair and repaint any damaged areas. Now, we ask you to be reasonable with your expectations. Most damage require not only the repair, but ALSO the two-step base coat clear coat automotive painting that we use on your RICHLAND ROADSTER fenders to match your bike. This is a time-consuming process. We charge $75.00 a shop hour and most even seemingly minor repairs usually require at minimum two hours of shop time. We will give you a FAIR estimate before we start the work and will do our very best to do a good job before a fast job, because ultimately, your happiness is our goal.