Megan Richland


Hours:  Monday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm
After hours available by appointment only.

​Standard Features

  • Full Size 15 inch automobile tires...  not cheap looking trailer tires.  
  • Great Looking Aluminum Wheels with steel hole inserts and a wet clear coat finish...  not cheap looking trailer wheels.
  • Complete lighting, including stop, brake and turn lights.  There is no extra charge for the wiring harness. 
  • Connects very quickly.  It does not interfere with your motorcycle's factory suspension.  There is no need to remove your rear axle for any reason ever!!!
  • Your  Richland Roadster will be manufactured to your personal order to fit your motorcycle and saddlebag configurations.
  • You will never need additional expensive professional modifications to enjoy your Richland Roadster Kit.  



  • If you chose to change motorcycles, Keep your Richland Roadster to install on your new bike. Some models will need different kits.
  • Change from two wheels to your Richland Roadster kit in minutes.
  • Delivers, without question, the most stable and comfortable ride, because your Motorcycle's Factory Suspension remains unaltered.
  • Your Richland Roadster weighs less than 200 pounds, so it has very limited effect on your fuel mileage.
  • Enjoy very stable towing, Your Richland Roadster carries the load completely
  • Best of all, Your Richland Roadster costs substantially less than the other popular conversion kits on the market today.​

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