Choose Richland Roadster for its exclusive patented independent suspension.  



 Experts identify the rear suspension as the biggest factor in the quality of the converted bike's ride.  They say the most desirable option is fully-independent.     

Many Manufactures use fixed suspension systems attached to the motorcycle's axle or swing arms.  Those motorcycle components lose their ability to function as designed, which results in the motorcycle and trike kit at war with each other.   The combination then has the tendency to HIGH CENTER and turn very poorly as the inside wheel raises significantly OFF THE GROUND.  

If you complain, you will be told to "RAKE" your front end.  Will that fix it? No - just give you more leverage in the riding fight.

Dollar for dollar a Richland Roadster Motorcycle Trike Conversion Kit offers the best value.​

Everything you need is included in the base price - the ONLY price.  It's low because you are buying direct from Trike On America who handcrafts each one in Dade City, Florida.  There are no hidden costs, no need to buy anything extra.  

Why buy a Richland Roadster      Motorcycle Trike Conversion Kit? 

Compelling reasons to choose a Trike On America kit:

  • Suspension provides a smooth stable ride
  • Design balances comfort and safety needs 
  • Value delivers a hand crafted and complete kit

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Trike On America's design    has your comfort and safety      at the top of its list.  

Richland Roadster has safety features like extra lights, running boards to protect your lower extremities and rear crash absorption.   Side car technology allows your wheels to stay on the ground even if you run up on a curb.


Built sturdy enough to last, yet at 168 pounds it doesn't cause engine drag, even if you have a passenger. Customers who traded in a big expensive trike for a Richland Roadster report the weight difference allows for a more efficient ride with less wear and tear on the engine and the riders.

​Richland Roadster doesn't lower your motorcycle.  It is manufactured to align with the level of your bike.  Many of the other trike kits on the market actually reduce your ground clearance by several inches.