"Received your kit last week, it took my friend and I about four hours to put it on my Road King.  Have been getting compliments on it every time I go out.  I am really proud of how it looks and operates.  Thank You so very much.  I will for sure be telling others about this kit. Once again thank you."

Terry Carroll - Milliken, Colorado

If you want to stop reading this page now, I have fantastic news for you.  You can bring your bike to our shop in Dade City, Florida and we will install your kit for you.  That's very warm and fuzzy.  And you can stop reading this now.

Call today to ship your custom trike kit!

Johnny Ray Richland   


Lucky for us Shipping in America is pretty darn reasonably priced.  In fact, as long as you are shipping "Business to Business" you can get your Richland Roadster delivered to most locales in this country for just $500.00.  Now that's REASONABLE!!!  
​ Of course that is Business to Business, however if we ask the shippers to bring it to your house, that is an extra residential charge of $100.  (DARN THOSE SHIPPERS!!!)  

​We build the crate right at our manufacturing shop so it is light and strong, which protects your new Richland Roadster Motorcycle Trike Conversion Kit while it's being trucked down the interstate.  
​ We can arrange the whole process for you and it can be taken care of while you may be doing more important things...  like taking a nap.  
Keep in mind it is incumbent upon you to make sure the crate is delivered in pristine condition and not damaged.  Sometimes the trucking companies hire nearsighted forklift drivers and sometimes, like Zoro, will run the forklift right through your crate, effectively killing your trike kit.
  It's important you make a note of any damage on your shipping ticket to be able to hold the trucking company accountable. We of course, can not be responsible for shipping damage.   
Shipping Assurance is available at an additional charge , however it is worth it to protect against damages or a missing shipment.                    

A Richland Roadster at your door...