Custom Painted Frame Rails...$1000

Custom Paint Match and Installation of Trunk...$750  *Trunk provided by customer*

Here at Trike On America we know the LOVE of customization. Especially when it comes to our rides. Like someone we know taking a perfectly good looking truck, then taking up the premier parking space out back with his continuous tinkering, but we're not mentioning any names...That being said, have a special request? Just ask, if we CAN do it, we WILL do it. Within Reason. Want us to install your new saddle bags, or trunk? Need extended frame rails to mount your tool box? Want the whole kit painted in your favorite color? Need REVERSE? (You wont really need it once we install our kit), but if you like it, we love it, and are happy to accommodate. Weird requests not listed below? Just call us for pricing. 

​Custom Paint Match and Installation of Saddle Bags...$1000

*Saddlebags provided by customer*


*Available Only at Time of Original Kit Purchase*

​Custom Painted Running Boards...$500