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Side Cars

Velorex dealer

Attach the brackets.

Looking fantastic!  Enjoy the ride!


Attach the sidecar.

Installing a Velerox side car is easy!  Think like a carpenter - straight, true, even, level...


Velorex USA has made it convenient and inexpensive to own a good quality imported sidecar at an affordable price.  Choose from four models for comfort and style.    The Velorex Sidecar consists of a tubular steel frame on which the sidecar body is mounted. The body is made of rugged fiberglass, reinforced with steel at vulnerable and stressed areas, and rests on the frame on rubber blocks at the front and rear.  The wheel axle is supported by a hydraulic shock absorber and coil spring system mounted on a swing-arm for smooth and comfortable riding. The wheel is provided with a single-cam, twin-shoe, internal expanding drum brake.

Secure the mounting hardware to the bike.