Johnny Ray says...

     I FAILED that class.   My FAVORITE CLASS EVER was the Lamaze Class I took in

preparation for the birth of my daughter Elissa.  I remember it like it was just last week...  with dozens of pregnant girls with very swollen breasts changing positions on the mats on the floor...  quite the sight, no doubt!!!  That is without question my favorite class ever. 

     I know what you are thinking...  "JOHN...  THERE ARE NO POP QUIZZES...  NO FINAL EXAM...  YOU CAN'T FAIL THAT CLASS!!!"  Well...  apparently you can...  and here is how.   

     I drove to the hospital OK...  and I found the delivery room OK...   and young Elissa came squirting out very quickly like a banana being squeezed by the Magilla Gorilla Cartoon Guy. 

     The first thing I said to her is...  "I Love you Baby...  but you're very slimy and I'm
starting to feel green and queasy"  Then out flowed the afterbirth...  I wasn't expecting that!!! 

     Out like a Light goes JOHN...  and when I awoke with a large knot on my head a very pretty blondnurse was laughing at me so hard she tears running down her cheeks....  uh...  was that unprofessional???  

     So even though I FAILED...  Lamaze was my very FAVORITE CLASS.  YES...  this whole story is true.   

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Johnny Ray Richland


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