...Convert your Richland Roadster to a bike in minutes!

Our design makes it easy to go from trike to bike.  One well known manufatured kit when removed leaves a belly pan.  It is low enough to gouge speed bumps and even the ramp in our enclosed trailer. 

Richland Roadster's running boards are a standard no-additonal cost feature which protect your feet and make the ride more comfortable.

Some manufacturers will tell you it is normal for the inside wheel to come off the ground when in turns - centrifugal force.  It makes you instinctively want to put your feet down.  Always insist on running boards when ordering a trike kit.  Without them you could run over your foot and cause SERIOUS INJURY.

Is that the kit you want to spend your hard earned money on?

...Get a confidence-inspiring relaxed ride with the

Richland Roadster.

You'll find yourself riding so much more often because you'll use much less of your physical energy.  This smooth ride is the result of incorporating the latest innovative SIDECAR technology into the RICHLAND ROADSTER trike suspension. Each side is independent, as if you had left side and right side mounted sidecars.  Your wheels will remain on the ground.  This gives you more control of your bike, making for a more stable ride.

The Richland Roadster ​wheels stay on the ground if you run up on a curb or on uneven pavement.

...The price is not a surprise.

The advertised Richland Roadster trike kit price is what you pay!   

With some other companies if you want 

  • lights?   "That's  EXTRA."
  • wiring harness?  "That's  EXTRA."
  • full size wheels?  "That's  EXTRA."
  • automotive tires?  "That's  EXTRA."

The kit you thought was about $4000.00 soon becomes $6,500.  Others are skilled at explaining why you can't have their kit at the advertised price.  

The Richland Roadster kit includes everythng above, plus running boards and matching paint.

Nobody has EVER paid more than the advertised Richland Roadster price - $3,990.00.


...One size doesn't fit all!

The Richland Roadster Trike Kit is custom manufactured.  It's innovative trike design fits Honda, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki, Yamaha - most motorcycles in fact.  

More importantly, each kit is handcrafted to the specifications of YOUR motorcycle. 

Want matching paint, pinstripes?  It doesn't cost extra.  Adding a receiver hitch is just a small fee.  Tell us how we can personalize your Richland Roadster.  It will seem like it came just from the factory - fresh and new. 

Johnny Ray says...

...It's not rinky dink!

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Johnny Ray Richland



Frequently Asked Questions

How is Richland Roadster different than other trike kits?