1)  Remove Seat: The handles on both sides of seat have two (2) plugs each that are removed to expose the bolts that secure the handles and seat.  Remove bolts and take off seat by sliding to the rear while lifting back of seat.

 2)  Attach pigtail with connector and 5 wires:  (Pigtail is a 5 pin connector with 5 unterminated wires)  Pigtail extends between body of motorcycle and left side cargo box. The connector should be positioned to hang approximately 5 inches from deck.  Secure the cable under the seat with tie wraps provided.

 3)  Crimp the Ring terminal to the Pigtail white wire and find a grounded bolt or nut that will accept the terminal.  Secure the terminal under the bolt or nut .

 3)  Open Trunk box and remove the access panels for the rear lights.

 4a)  Locate wire to marker light (taillight) bulb socket.  Using wire tapping blue connector(3M P/N 804), tap into wire with white wire.

 4b)  Locate wire to Left turn signal. Using wire tapping blue connector, tap into with yellow wire.  

 4c)  Locate wire to Right turn signal.  Using wire tapping blue connector, tap into with green wire.

 4d) Locate wire to brake lights.  Using wire tapping blue connector, tap into with brown wire.

 5)  Feed other ends of the 4 wires under the Trunk box to connect with Pigtail:  This can be done by fishing the wires in the space under the bottom of the Trunk box or dressing them along the inside of the Trunk box and drilling an access hole in the front of the box to connect to the pigtail.

 6)  Using the provided butt connectors: Connect the Marker light wire (White to Pigtail Brown).  Connect the Left turn wire (Yellow to Pigtail Yellow).  Connect the Right turn wire(Green to Pigtail Green).  Connect the Brake wire(Brown to Pigtail Blue).  

7)  Secure wires to Motorcycle using tie wraps.

8)  Replace seat.


Motorcycle Trike Conversion Kit 

Wiring Harness Installation

Honda Goldwing 1500/6

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