1)  Remove Seat: A 10 mm socket or wrench will remove the bolt at the rear of the rear seat.  Lift the rear of that seat and remove it.  Pull pins on both sides of front seat just beneath the back and remove seat by sliding to the rear while lifting back of seat.  Remove right side cover.

2)  Attach pigtail with connector and 5 wires:  (Pigtail is a 5 pin connector with 5 unterminated wires)  Pigtail extends between body of motorcycle and left side, extending over to the right side. The connector should be positioned to hang approximately 5 inches from deck.  Secure the cable under the seat with tie wraps provided.  Do not block access to the top of battery cover.

3)  Crimp the Ring terminal to the Pigtail white wire and find a grounded bolt or nut that will accept the terminal.  Secure the terminal under the bolt or nut.

3a)  Locate cable that runs to rear of the motorcycle containing the red, brown, blue and green w/ yellow stripe wires.

3b)  Using wire tapping blue scotch connector (3MP/N 804), tap into brown wire with brown wire from pigtail.  This will be running lights.

3c)  Using wire tapping blue connector, tap into red wire with yellow wire from pigtail.  This will be Left turn signal.    

3d)  Using wire tapping blue connector, tap into blue wire with green wire from pigtail.  This will be Right turn signal.

3e)  Using wire tapping blue connector, tap into green/yellow striped wire with blue wire from pigtail.   This will be the brake light.

4)  If you have a voltmeter or test light, you can now test at the connector.  Using the bare pin as the ground connection, the signals should be in the following order:

 4a)  Running lights

4b)  Left turn signal

4c)  Right turn signal

4d)  Brake light

6)  Secure wires to Motorcycle using tie wraps.

 7)  Replace seats and right side cover.


Motorcycle Trike Conversion Kit 

Wiring Harness Installation

Honda 1300 VTX

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